About Japanaroo

What is Japanaroo?

“Japanaroo” is an exciting new initiative allowing people to celebrate multiculturalism and exchange with Japan in Australia. It will create a way for multiple Japan-related activities that will enable a wide range of interaction and cultural dialogue between the countries, and create opportunities for Australians to discover and experience Japanese culture, businesses and brands up close and personally. Japanaroo sets to enable exciting cultural experiences, enrich lives, and contribute towards business innovation and job creation nationwide.
“Japanaroo” is promoted by “Japanaroo Platform”, an innovative public-private partnership of more than 20 organisations engaged in Japan-Australia relations across various sectors.

Japanaroo 2021

Scheduled to be held from 20 August to 2 October 2021, Japanaroo gives the opportunity to government organisations, community groups, non-profit organisations as well as shops, restaurants and other businesses to hold special events related to Japan in and beyond Sydney. Some examples of the kind of events in the store are Japanese cultural demonstrations, special dining experiences at restaurants as well as pop-up events around the city to showcase made in Japan products and showcase Japanese tourism destinations. The special events are organised by the respective participating organisations with their own funding and responsibility, while the overall coordination is undertaken by “Japanaroo Platform”.

For details, please refer to “Japanaroo“.