Messages for Japanaroo+

  • YAMAGAMI Shingo

    YAMAGAMI Shingo

    Ambassador of Japan to Australia

    The arrival of summer brings great news. The popular Japanaroo has made its return as Japanaroo+, coinciding with the end of lockdown. Not virtually either, but in real life! It is a great pleasure to have Aussies visit Japanaroo+ and experience Japan with their five senses.

    Despite lockdowns, the friendship and mutual understanding between the people of Japan and Australia has progressed and deepened this year.

    The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games were a great success, thanks to the Aussie Spirit, the national softball team who were the first to arrive for a training camp leading up to the Games, as well as the wonderful Australian athletes and officials involved. The President of the Australian Olympic Committee, Mr John Coates called Tokyo 2020 the “greatest Games ever”. Tokyo 2020 was an invaluable opportunity for Aussies to learn more about Japan.

    The momentum of Tokyo 2020 led to the success of Japanaroo, an online event held in September and October this year. Now that lockdown has ended, I invite everyone to experience Japan in-person through traditional face-to-face Japanese hospitality, omotenashi. Aussies will have an unforgettable experience enjoying the profound charms of Japan, such as our traditional culture, art and food.

    I am delighted Japanaroo+ will provide more Aussies the opportunity to learn about Japan, fall in love with Japan, and visit Japan in the near future.

    Japanaroo 2021 is an event made possible thanks to a wide range of collaboration between our two countries. It is my sincere hope that the Japanaroo initiative will expand even further together with the ever deepening relationship between Japan and Australia.

    Once again, I congratulate Japanaroo+ and thank all those who have worked tirelessly to bring this event to the people of Australia. Best wishes for a successful event!

  • Dominic Perrottet

    Dominic Perrottet

    Premier of New South Wales

    What a great pleasure to have the first Japanaroo here in Sydney. This terrific festival brings Japan and its rich culture right to our doorstep. After a fantastic virtual launch in August this year, I am thrilled to see the Japanaroo continue and in-person events kicking off in December.

    NSW and Japan have started opening up to the world and we are excited for a brighter future. What better way to celebrate this new beginning than through this inspiring initiative? It combines the spirit of Japan and Australia, promotes renewed cultural and economic exchange and brings entertainment back into our lives after some very challenging times.

    NSW has long enjoyed a deep friendship with Japan. This relationship is built on strong cultural, people-to-people and economic ties. We are looking forward to a new world of opportunities for future cooperation with Japan and welcoming our Japanese friends back to our state.

    Congratulations to the Embassy of Japan to Australia and the Consulate-General of Japan in Sydney on bringing Japanaroo 2021 to life. And a heartfelt thank you to our Japanese community in NSW for making our state a better place to live, work and play.

    I encourage everyone to immerse themselves in unique Japanese culture, brought to you through the very first Japanaroo. All the best for the many years to come!

  • KIYA Masahiko

    KIYA Masahiko

    Consul-General of Japan in Sydney

    It is my immense pleasure that, after a very tough lockdown in Sydney and much of NSW, Japanaroo+ can now take place with many on-site events before the end of this year.

    You can enjoy a wide range of Japanese culture – food and drink, music, crafts, fine arts,and more – in many places in Sydney and beyond! Please take this opportunity to discover “Japan at your doorstep”!

    Japanaroo started this year as an initiative under a public-private partnership to further promote Japan’s contribution to multiculturalism and job creation in Australia as well as Japan-Australia exchange.

    Japan plays an integral part in Australian multiculturalism, enriching lives and bringing enjoyment to people in Australia through Japanese cuisine and culture.

    Japan also contributes to job creation and business innovation in Australia by leveraging its particular strengths, for the benefit of both Japan and Australia’s development.

    In order to realise these values, our ever strengthening ties of trust gained through mutual exchange are essential.

    Against this background, Japanaroo 2021 from August to October this year attracted more than 10,000 visitors online despite the lockdown. Japanaroo+ will be more lively as on-site events revive.

    Japanaroo is a great opportunity for many people to know more about Japan’s wide-ranging contributions to Australia and the importance of Japan-Australia exchange.

    As COVID is being overcome, travel will hopefully resume between Japan and Australia in large numbers soon. It is my wish that Japanaroo will lead to a dramatic development in exchange and business between our two countries.