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Japanese Mizuhiki Earring Making Class

Art & Culture

Mizuhiki is traditional Japanese art, using a Mizuhiki paper cord. Yes, they are made of paper! The core of the Mizuhiki cord is twisted paper and then dyed or wrapped with coloured thread, then knotted into shapes.

This technique has been used for centuries for gift wrapping decorations including gorgeous engagement gifts from the groom’s family to the bride’s family, and for gift money envelopes. It is even used to tie a Samurai’s and
Sumo wrestler’s top knot!

In this fun online class, you’ll learn how to tie basic knots that will transform a simple Mizuhiki cord into two pairs of beautiful earrings. The first pair (very basic knot) and the second pair (one more step than the first pair) are two different designs.

Az will also demonstrate how the Mizuhiki cord is used to produce gift wrappings for special occasions. Tying knots has lots of symbolic meanings in Japanese culture, such as “tie the knot” “heart to heart” “appreciation of your kindness” “congratulations” and so on. So they are also perfect gift ideas for weddings, paper anniversaries (first wedding anniversary) and to give to close friends.

Next class time will be;
-5 pm Thursday 21 Octoner  *Booking has now closed  
-11 am Thursday 9 December
-6 pm Thursday 16 December

Please book at least 11 days before the online class since the material package will be sent by post which currently takes longer than usual.

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