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A showcase of Japanese and Australian community artists, along with special guests who will share their ‘Inspiring stories’. It’s time to celebrate Sydney!

As part of the ‘JAPANAROO 2021‘ and ‘JAPANEXPO’ program*, ‘GANBARE!’ Concert will showcase a selection of local Japanese and Australian talented community artists, along with the participation of special guests who will share their ‘Inspiring Stories’.

Set in one of the most prestigious buildings in Australia, the City of Sydney Town Hall (Centennial Hall) is the perfect venue for this Special Fun Event. Mark the day and join us to discover an outstanding ensemble of young performers who will fill your hearts and make you proud. A great afternoon to embrace diversity, disability and multiculturalism.

A great event to support our local heroes and people around the world enduring the COVID-19 pandemic. A Special End of The Year Concert for the whole family!

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Featuring Talent:
Cosplay Catwalk by SMASH
SMASH! is an annual convention for everyone; the casual anime watcher, the seasoned figurine collector, and all appreciators of Japanese pop-culture!

Break Dance by Sydney Break Juku
Break Juku is a Kids Break Dance Studio which is taught in Japanese by Japanese professional Instructors. Students will learn skills, techniques, teamwork and also the power to never give up through break dance.

Karate by Shin Kyokushin Kai
Karatedo Shinkyokushinkai Artarmon Dojo practices the art of Shinkyokushin Karate. Shinkyokushin Karate is a traditional Japanese martial art practiced in 102 countries and regions. The main philosophy is to ‘Master the Mind’, with activities centered on the three pillars of nurturing youth, social contribution and international exchange. I

Okinawan Eisa Dance by Eisa Champroo

Eisa is a form of folk dance originating from the Okinawa Islands, Japan. In origin, it is a Bon dance that is performed by young people of each community during the Bon festival to honor the spirits of their ancestors.
The Eisa dance performed with the powerful beat of the taiko drums and the sound of the sanshin (Okinawa’s traditional three-stringed instrument) , the excitement and the greatness fascinates the audience .

Cheerleading by Sydney SPRINGS
Formed in 2015 that aims to express our gratitude, to understand the importance of courtesy, ultimate teamwork, and to respect the individual personality. SPRINGS consists of fifty children who have Japanese backgrounds. They have performed a wide variety of events, including the Matsuri Japanese festival contributing to the community. In addition, their competitive team is the Australian National championship-winning team and qualified for the GLOBAL GAME in 2022.

Cheerleading by SAKURA KIDS

Aged 5-14 years old and all have Japanese backgrounds. SAKURA KIDS have been cheerleading for Japan national teams at many international sports events held in Sydney Australia, including ‘Wheelchair Rugby World Championships’ and ‘Wheel chair Marathon Races’ over the past few years. They are closely associated with the Paralympian movement and the whole sports family.

Sydney Sakura Choir

Sydney Sakura Choir prides itself on its musical ambassadorship for Japan and has performed at many Cultural Festivals and Charity Events in Australia for the last 7 years.
Special Guest Speakers : 2020 Tokyo Olympian

SYDNEY TOWN HALL – Centennial Hall
Treasured as one of the grandest surviving 19th century halls in Australia. This glorious venue features a Tasmanian blackwood and tallowwood floor and the famous 25 metre wide Grand Organ, which spans the entire width of the western wall. There are 21 stained glass windows featuring Australian flora, a stunning ornate ceiling and twelve giant marbled pillars in the corners of the Hall.

* We are a registered COVID-Safe business. We take the safety of both clients, our artists and staff extremely seriously. We have strict hygiene measures, social distancing to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

*Schedule may be subject to change

* More entertainment and live music at night (Save 20 % Off on your tickets with a promo code when you purchase Ganbare tickets). JAPANAROO A Festive Season Concert Detail : https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/170497992084

*Please note: If the event is cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, tickets will remain valid for a new date. If you’re not able to attend on the new date, tickets fee will be refunded.

* We are a registered COVID-Safe business. We take the safety of both clients, our artists and staff extremely seriously. We have strict hygiene measures, social distancing to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

*Schedule may be subject to change.