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You can see the traditions of Okinawan dance and Sanshin music at the Great hall in the University of Sydney.
Featuring special guests from Okinawa; Alberto Shiroma & Mion Kamei, collaborating with local Okinawan Music / Dance Performers.

🎸Alberto Shiroma 🎸
Alberto is a third-generation Peruvian of Okinawan descent. In 1991, he formed the Latin music band “DIAMANTES”, which went on to release several hits in Japanese charts. ‘Shouri no uta” which he produced, was the theme song for the Japanese National Football Team at the FIFA World Cup in France.
Alberto is currently based in Okinawa. He has been collaborating with many artists around Japan as a composer, producer and singer. His songs are very popular with all ages, thanks to powerful messages of love, dreams and encouragement.


🪕Mion Kamei🪕
Mion is a renowned Sanshin player /Teacher and Singer from Okinawa.
In 2007, Mion received a prestigious award in the Sanshin division at the Traditional Okinawa Performing Arts Grand Prix Competition.
She has performed at ‘New Year’s Eve Vancouver’ and ‘Powell Street Festival’ in Canada and “The Japan Spectacular” at the Sydney Opera House in Australia”.

🌼Reina Touma🌼
Reina is a renowned Dancer from Okinawa who has been dancing since she was 3 years old. She has received a prestigious award in both Ryuku Dance and Ryuku Koto divisions at the Traditional Okinawa Performing Arts Grand Prix Competition. Reina is a Teacher of Koto, Sanshin and Kimono Artistry.
Reina is showcasing classic and folk Okinawan dance in this event.

Okinawan Ryukyu dance was developed as being performed on the stage for entertaining Imperial envoys (Sapposhi) from China during the Ryukyu Kingdom era and came to attain greatness in the 18th century.
Dancers perform with fascinating Bingata-dyed colorful costumes.
Ryukyu Dance is designated as a National Important Intangible Cultural Property.’

🥁Eisa Champroo🥁
EISA is an Okinawan traditional performing dance with Okinawan drums. “Eisa Champroo” is the first EISA organisation formed in Sydney, 2018.
The Founder and Coordinator, Yasue is originally from Okinawa. She learnt Eisa during her Teenage years and it became a big part of her life. This inspired her to teach Eisa in Australia to pass on this tradition to her children and local people. Eisa Champloo has been performing at numerous festivals and locations around Sydney.


“Eisa” is Okinawa’s traditional dance, performed during the festive season of Obon, which pays respect to the Spirits of Ancestors. Traditionally, young men and women from the village volunteered to perform in the community, praying for good health and safety for each house.
The Eisa dance performed with the powerful beat of the taiko drums and the sound of the Sanshin (Okinawa’s traditional three-stringed instrument) .

🏝TinTunTen Sydney🏝
TinTunTen Sydney was founded by Kumiko. She has acquired her Nomura-ryu Classical Sanshin Teacher’s License in Okinawa and started to teach in Sydney from 2018. Kumiko grew up in Okinawa, developing a love for the sounds of the island and she wanted to recreate this atmosphere here in Sydney. “TinTunTen” comes from the Okinawan language and describes the sound of Sanshin. Kumiko mainly teaches online and enjoys bringing people together through her love of Okinawa.


💐Sanshin Sydney 💐
Sanshin Sydney is a troupe of passionate music enthusiasts who play a range of Okinawan classical and pop songs. Their members span across a diverse mix of ages, backgrounds and skill levels and they have been performing at Japanese venues and functions since early 2019.


🐠Hajime Teruya🐠
Hajime was born in the village of Yomitan in Okinawa, which is one of the villages that still maintains its roots in language and culture. The youth of Yomitan are encouraged to participate in cultural activities such as dancing and music.
Hajime naturally learnt from the elders of the village by playing various roles such as Eisa, Chondara (The Clown), Drum, Sanshin. He has been playing Sanshin for 14 years and he has his Nomura-ryu Classical Sanshin Teacher’s License.

The “Sanshin” is a 3-stringed Okinawan Banjo-like instrument. Originally, similar instruments were brought from China in the 14th Century and developed into its original form during the Ryukyu era.

Music in the royal court during the Ryukyu Kingdom was primarily played on the Sanshin. It was performed at banquets to welcome Chinese and Japanese envoys.

🌞 TIDA 🌞
TIDA is a diverse Okinawan performance group consisting of Dancers and Drum and Sanshin Players. It was formed in Perth, 2015 by Akiko, who is from Okinawa and has been dancing Okinawan traditional dance for more than 20 years.
TIDA have been performing many events and functions in Perth. TIDA is like a big, happy family of Okinawa enthusiasts that want to share a range of performance styles to the Perth community.


Presented by J Culture Sydney
Directed by Sydney Okinawan Club
Supported by Goshu Kariyushikai

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