Overdue Studio X Women Can Fly. Co (Co-host)

Contemporary Asian Craftsmanship & Cultural Exchange

Art & Culture

This webinar is an introduction to the Thirst Exhibition x Sydney Design Week. Led by the curator Marge, to speak about the re-emergence of craftsmanship is a natural response to our single-use, throw-away culture and why she has a thirst for change.

1. Marge, the exhibition curator, will introduce her passion for contemporary Asian craftsmanship, showcase the Japanese artist Ricca Okana’s work, and then introduce Wendy Lin and Yoko Kawada.

2. Wendy Lin, 15 years in the traditional Japanese tea practice, talks about the importance of handcrafted teaware in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

3. Yoko Kawada, an experienced kintsugi teacher with more than three thousand students around the globe, talks about the history of Kintsugi and sustainability.

Time and date of the webinar:
4th Sep 2022
Start from 5pm – 6pm (60min)
*It’s an online event

Please register your attending via the link: