World Cosplay Summit Australia

World Cosplay Summit Australia - online question and answer session

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World Cosplay Summit Australia – Online Question and Answer Session
Join WCS Australia Representatives past and present to learn all about cosplay in Japan and Australia and at the World Cosplay Summit.

World Cosplay Summit (WCS), also known as the WCS Championships, is held in Nagoya, Japan each year. The company behind the creation and running of this event is called WCS Inc. They created WCS in 2003 as an event that seeks to create a ‘bridge to world peace’ through a shared love of cosplay and popular culture. It seeks to foster international friends that can overcome any borders and ‘barriers of race, culture, language or customs’

WCS Australia is made up of volunteers who organise the Australian Preliminaries in order to select a team to represent Australia in Japan at the WCS Championship. Everyone who is involved in WCS Australia strives to embody WCS tenants of friendship and peace, and we work hard to create WCS events that welcome all cosplayers regardless of level of cosplay experience, race, culture, body type, gender, and sexuality.

Join us as we tell stories about what it’s like to perform at World Cosplay Summit in Japan and also as we attempt to answer all of your burning questions about how to join WCS Australia and represent Australia at the Eurovision of Cosplay.

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