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Nagoya is one of Sydney’s sister cities and the two cities have shared a close bond for over four decades. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the sister city relationship, you can experience some of Nagoya’s signature dishes, also known as Nagoya-meshi, at YAYOI during Japanaroo!

The following two Nagoya-meshi dishes will be available exclusively at all six YAYOI restaurants during Japanaroo.

Hitsumabushi: a dish of char-grilled eel slices on a bed of steamed rice. You can explore and maximise the flavours of the char-grilled eel slices by adding the condiments served along with the dish!

Miso-Katsu: a generous portion of pork cutlet that has been coated with breadcrumb and deep-fried until crispy and golden, and topped with a rich miso-based sauce.

For further information on the above two dishes, and other delicious Nagoya-meshi, please see the links below.

– I LOVE NAGOYA-MESHI: http://nagoya-meshi.jp/index_en.html

– YAYOI – Japanese Teishoku Restaurant: https://www.yayoi.com.au/

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