GOGYO Surry Hills

GOGYO Surry Hills | Flavours of Fukuoka

Food & Drink

GOGYO Surry Hills, sister company of IPPUDO, is a casual-chic Japanese ramen bar serving up some of the best ramen in the city. Born in Fukuoka, founder Shigemi Kawahara brings the ‘Flavours of Fukuoka’ to Sydney.

During Japanaroo, order the TRADITIONAL TONKOTSU RAMEN and Original GOGYO Gyoza combo and receive a complimentary Japanese alcoholic beverage*.

Book your spot now and enjoy a taste of Japan. Mention code GSFOF when booking.

Join our Discover the Flavours of Fukuoka in Sydney event on Facebook as a reminder and don’t miss out.

Fukuoka Prefecture is proud to partner with GOGYO Surry Hills to share the ‘Flavours of Fukuoka’ with you. Fukuoka is nestled in the northern part of Japan’s third largest island of Kyushu. It’s known as the birthplace of the original Tonkotsu ramen and also udon and soba noodles!

Today, Fukuoka is a melting pot of cuisines and a leading Japanese culinary destination with a food culture that is unique even to Japan. Find out more about this fascinating region, from its rich culture to its stunning natural beauty by visiting discoverfukuoka.com.au

*Complimentary Japanese alcoholic beverage subject to availability


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