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Kanpai Now! The Tastes of Japan

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Take your glass and “Kanpai Now!”✨
We are calling on local sake enthusiasts and Japanese food lovers to attend this amazing opportunity to experience the deliciousness of Japanese sake!
Proudly announce our event to you – Kanpai Now! The Tastes of Japan.
From November 26th to January 31st, 15 restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne will be offering tasting of selected Japanese sake so that you can discover first-hand their complex flavours.
Tap “Interested” or “going” on our event page so that you won’t miss out!
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Not only is it easy to attend this event, but there are also 70 varieties of sake for you to try, so check out “Kanpai Now! The Tastes of Japan” website and find out which restaurant you want to visit to find your favourite sake!
✅ When is the event?
26th November to 31st January
*Each restaurant has a different schedule, check our website for more details.
✅ Who can attend the event?
Anyone who’s over the age of 18 and has a love for Japanese food and beverage!
✅ Where you can try sake?
Visit the restaurants below and enjoy sake tasting with their amazing food!
[Sydney area]
▶ Azuma
▶ Busshari
▶ Choji Yakiniku
▶ Gold Class Daruma
▶ Harada
▶ Honda Sake Bar
▶ Izakaya Masuya
▶ O’Uchi
▶ Robata Jones
▶ Sakana-ya
▶ Yebisu Bar & Grill
[Melbourne area]
▶ Bincho Boss
▶ Komeyui
▶ Shoya
▶ Wagyu One
✅ How can you attend the event?
It’s super easy!
Pick your choice of restaurant and order your sake at the venue. Fill out a short questionnaire and you’re ready to try.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the venues! Share our page and spread the word.
Check more details on our event website