Simply Native Group Pty Ltd.

The Handcrafted Home


Curated by Simply Native director Yukino Matsumoto and designer Eloise Rapp, The Handcrafted Home is more than an exhibition. It is a uniquely designed space to showcase not only our beautiful products, but ways for you to style them in your own home.

The exhibition will introduce current and new artisans from Simply Native’s diverse catalogue, who are all connected by the spirit of craftsmanship and a desire to re-imagine traditional crafts for contemporary living.

Across decades and centuries, these artisans have harnessed the inherent qualities of their materials to create objects of discerning beauty and functionality. The pieces on display embody Japanese aesthetic qualities in their balance between the delicate and the robust, the ornamental and the minimal, the playful and the restrained.

We invite you to experience a sense of tradition and heritage, of Japanese home living, and to see how our products can bring a touch of beauty to your home. Come and see how you can create for yourself a space that awakens the senses and enriches the soul.