“What Women Want Men To Know about Pregnancy”


■ Seminar Outline ■
This seminar will discuss the changes in women’s bodies and minds that occur during pregnancy. Pregnancy coaches and doctors will explain what their partners should know.

Do you have these concerns?
-You would like to fall pregnant but your partner is not active
-You want to start trying but can’t find anyone to talk to because you live overseas
-You’re interested in getting pregnant but don’t know how to start
You want to prevent any awkwardness about pregnancy

By letting you and your partner know about changes in the body and what pregnant women go through, you will be able to be more comfortable with each other.

Pregnancy experts will discuss what kind of changes women should make and how men should treat them so they can cooperate better together! Whether you’re a man or a woman, this seminar will provide tips and guidance on all things pregnancy

*Please note the start times of Sydney time and Japan time.